Return to Chaos

Into the Deep End

Master of the Fallen Fortress (Paizo, Pathfinder)

Far to the south, Xander, Aklan, Maeryll, Onaru and Isarina are thrown into a knowlingly dangerous situation despite their young age. After the local elven conclave related the wish of the elven High King to take these children to train them as Paladins for the world, their communities decided to let fate decide and sent them to investigate a ruin close to a main waterway in the swamps. As all the children picked were orphans, no parents were there to complain and the community leaders could keep teir face – if they didn’t make it, they obviously wouldn’t be any kind of special.

The kids cleared out the ruins relatively easily after doing what none of the ones trying to do so before did – befriending the lizardmen clan which had taken shelter there.


Grimtina Grimtina

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