Return to Chaos

Chasing Geese

Crypt of the Everflame (Paizo, Pathfnder)

Dara, Gurza, Naygat, Peter and Saquur were sent to perform the annual autumn rite commonly called Quest of the Everflame at the behest of a dwarf emissary to whom the town owns a favor. The mayor had not been happy with the pick, as he had planned to send the children of influencial citizens and not 2 dwarf girls, a hobbit girl, and and an orc girl, with the only boy in the mix a half-wit human orphan named Peter who, as far as everyone is concerned, is only good for cooking and some other manual work at the local inn.

Unknown to most, Peter is a favored of the god Lethrenn. He is friends with the other chosen children already so he happily goes along. Because his friends know this is supposed to be a scary, but safe excercise, they agree to make him team leader once in his life and just help him out where needed.

The trek to the crypt is mostly eventless except for a scare by the local mage to whom Gurza is apprenticed, and a few wolfs the young druid Dara can easily deal with. However, as soon as the children arrive at the entrance to the crypt, it is clear something is amiss. The townfolks who were to come here to prepare the crypt never left, their camp still being outside. Not thinking too much of it, the group dives right into the crypt, but are greeted by skeletons and riddles, deadly traps and half-set up pranks. They find one survivor hidden in a chamber and go theough a series of dangerous trials, fighting undead and other creatures until they find the undead form of the town founder’s enemy, who woke up after some amulets have been stolen. With Peter’s godly spark, they put an end to it all, free another survivor and wake the ghost of Kassen.

They learn about the amulets both Kassen and his former companion Asar had buried with them were stolen by mercenaries recently, and that they were part of a key which last part was with the other remaining companion, Iramine. Someone is probably collecting them to find the directions to the treasure vault the former friends robbed together. A note on a dead mercenary found shows they were sent mainly for the amulets. Also found was a symbol showing the dead man was a follower of the feared Rune Cult worshiping a supposely returned Rune Master with divine heritage. While everyone knows this to be a fraud, they are still dangerous and shouldn’t get their hands on more wealth.

Getting back to Kassen, the dwarf emissary isn’t too surprised at what happened, saying that fate has indeed already shown the wisdom of chosing the group as part of the Paladins of Drevor. Only now do they get told that they are supposed to leave the area and undergo training.


Grimtina Grimtina

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